By My Side (Multi-instrumental)


Guitar, Banjo, Autoharp, Mandolin, and Voice


America Rocks! Carnival Cruise Lines — Hit Me/Heartbreaker


There’s A Fine, Fine Line (Avenue Q)


Puppetry Reel


80s/90s Pop/Rock


Jazz Reel


Me & Bobby McGee


Ring of Fire Preview Clips


Notice Me, Horton – Audition Cut


A Quiet Thing – Audition Cut


Everybody Says Don’t – Audition Cut


Mama Who Bore Me Acoustic Cover


“Diana” — written and performed by Cat Greenfield (original work)


“Everyone Is Just Like You” — Avenue Zoo


“Part Of Your World” — Disney Dreams


“I’m Not Afraid” — Songs For A New World


“Final Transition” — Songs For A New World


“Soft Kitty” — Cover — The Big Bang Theory

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